Friday, 7 October 2011

Nail Cracking Effects

hey gulz , here is an awsome thing for nail art lovers specially for those who are unable to do art by themselves , or have no time to spend on it , or dont have tools etc. now take a sigh of relief n no need to get tantalize, here i come with cracking polish which cracks itself ,, so no more fightings with tools :D,
just apply base coat , then any base colour of ur choice , when it get dry apply cracking polish , then after a min apply top coat n u have done :) u can get cracks as per ur requirements like big cracks or small cracks , for big cracks apply thick layes of cracking polish ,( u can see the big cracks on half nail from right side ) or for small cracks apply a normal layer of cracking polish , ( u can see small cracks on other half side of nail )
it gives long lasting results as u can see in pic that my nail has grwon but the cracking effect are looking fresh.
available in Royal blue, Cool yellow, Red, Black, Dark green , Purple , Plain white, pink,
Rs 700
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hope u will like it :)
regards by Sanam ali

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