Monday, 24 October 2011

How to use glitter nail sticker

hi guls,
today m gonna show u step by step that how to use these kind of ''Glitter nail stickers'', when u are going out and have short time to get ready but nail decoration important.

1- first of all clean ur nail surface,

2- then peel off sticker with tweezer n place it on ur nail.however these stickers are self adhesive but if u want so u can apply base coat before appliying sticker.

3-and press the nail sticker properly side by side as u can see in the picture.

4-now trim the excess of stickers if u have short nails like mine, and place it back on paper , now these trims are perfect in size for glitter french manicure.
5-now its done , but if u want u can apply clear topcoat to make it stay for long last time,
these kind of Glitter nail sticker ideal for young girls those have no time to do art on their nails or have no skills so with these stickers they can decorate their nails in minutes without spilling loose glitter all over and thse sticker look like real polish on nails,
u these kind of stickers are availble in different designs at Diva store
price Rs 100 only for both hands,
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hope u will like it
regards from sanam ali


  1. These stickers are re-usable or for one time only ?

  2. @adeela these are not reuseable , but if u will apply these on fake nails so that u will b able to use fake nails with these stickers again n again ;)

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  4. super cute girl! I have never tried these out, but I will be sure to very soon :)

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